Ceylon Beauty Gems
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Welcome to Amazon College
Amazon College

Amazon College is dedicated to take the nation towards new possibilities with the latest, timely and cost effective education which brings to you globally accredited certificates within a short time span in Sri Lanka.

Welcome to Beauty Gems

Beauty Gems has a fine collection of Natural Sapphires. With having knowledge of the industry together with proud family traditions and respect and almost notably passion has passed through generations. We assure our customers receive the wide selection of high quality gemstones and excellent service located at pioneer gem trading place in Chinafort, Beruwlala, Sri Lanka.



13, Nowfel Jabir Mawatha, Chinafort, Beruwala, Sri Lanka, 12070.
T: +94 34 2276238 F: +94 34 4298823
M: +94 777 680 234, +94 777 300 034, +94 777 908 238
E-mail: ahzargem@hotmail.com | beautygemsl@hotmail.com

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