Ahzar Zawahir

Chief Executive Officer/Managing Partner

CEO Message

Thanks to Almighty Allah for his Blessings

We are approximately 150 years-long articulation of gems-related experience that has descended down generations.

Today we are the largest Fine Collection Ceylon Sapphire holding Company China Fort Beruwala. Beauty Gems owned by the ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance certificate. Beauty Gems which has imprinted the Sri Lankan identity by participating in a number of international trade exhibitions.

We are the first Sri Lankan company which introduced gem stones to China in 2006 and thereby, now the company is recording the highest rate of gem exports.

Beauty Gems also exports Gem Stones to major markets in the world specially Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Bangkok, London, India, Singapore, France, Germany, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen.

We also involve ourselves in many social welfare such as educationational projects, gem trade development projects, self employment training programs, etc.

Beauty Gems issues a certificate for every gem stone what we sell so as to safeguard the faith our breed in the customers.

Our Gemstones are certified to fall within international standards.

The secret behind our success is our family member’s collective pursuit, quality management, and full customer satisfaction.

www.ceylonbeautygems.com | Ceylon Beauty Gems has a fine collection of Blue Sapphires

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